How could the hours go on
The days move on, people walk on?
They don’t know someone just lost
Oblivious of the space suddenly empty
A breath dissipating into thin air
Until it is no more, no trace no scent
No tangible left behind.

Pain becomes ephemeral
As life spins faster and faster
As if a sin to feel more than enough;
You weep but silently
Shaking but still, numbly
Alone in your sorrow
Standing on a hill watching
The city lights they just burn.

And the hours go on
The days move on, people rush on.

On a lonely shore
I see you eating ramen
and reading haiku

Crows fly in circles
guarding a dead whale below
half-buried in sand

But you pay no mind
you keep eating your ramen
and reading haiku

And just like that, summer said good bye
Taking with it the scarred spirits
That meld with the ominous fire
Bringing them elsewhere, somewhere
On the other side of the line.

I, too, will take my final walk
As fall approaches, wish for new spring
The lost loves and failed promises
Hanging over like heavy cloud
Leaving behind hopes
That crumpled like leaves, browned
Wistfully preserved by a storm.

Say farewell to broken faiths unsaved
No more words, no more wish for more
Conversations fade in the noise
Amidst the fanfare that chase for breath
Looking for euphoria that never comes.

Wave to the crowd with pensive smiles
I’ll be out forgotten come next morn
A rustic era that arrived and went
Marks were left but now absorbed
Under the rubble of forgetting and scorn.
(July 21, 2021)

There I was grasping for relevance
Like the beach sands trying to ride the wave but left behind
Wet, soggy and weighted down by footprints.
I was only as good as my last refrain
Soon everyone tires of it and moves on to a new song
Like a vinyl record you have to keep turning, churning
Until you’re all scratched up and broken
And they buy a new one.
I was so ten years ago. Nothing new nothing fresh
Out of ideas out of breath
Out of life out of inspiration
Out the door out the floor.
There I was grasping for relevance
In end, I realize, it was really never bestowed.

Where the mind goes the soul follows
Though the body stays trapped in a toolbox
In lifeless shell floats.

Close your eyes and wish for a time hidden in time
A secret door beckons only those with heart to see.

Twilight ends when the stars come, then…

Empty mornings, chill
Wishing for the world
That locked its doors
You hear a song far away
Under the earth
You let it carry you, take you
On a magic carpet flight
Flap your arms and glide
And hold on to that thought.

The music ends when angels cry, ’til then.

Sunday brings a promise and an ending.
It’s the first day of spring but where I lie,
the dawn of summer.
I woke up to the soft rain, the early light
barely piercing the murky glass.
I hear the rattle on the roof and the leaves outside
Waving, gliding, dancing. No birds out.
Almost smell the ground rejoicing in the fresh drizzle
I feel the wind’s embrace; Cold, shivering on surface;
Warmth on the insides.
I slumber, I wake, I dream, breathing, feeling.
I am one with the earth,
I am alive
’Til I’m not.


A flamed candle standing still
waiting to burn itself out
keeping vigil until the end,
what else can it do?

The fire dances at the slightest wind
a ghost passing through
ever so gently, so subtle
drawn to the warmth like a moth

Time stands still
to beauty, to peace, to wonder
yet the spirit ponders
why all of it so fleeting?

Soon what’s left of this tower
are but melted hot blobs
illuminating once now dark
like how love starts and cease.

Everything quiet
Everything dull
After the singsong, the rain of fire
The legal booze and illegal crackers,
Money burns into smoke or out the anus
All to cast out annus horribilis
Only to realize it ain’t over, kids
Joke’s on us as all year goes.
We do the fête then mourning after
No morning afterglow, not even a flicker
For now we face the new abyss
To strive, thrive, survive
In this cycle of neverending spasm
Down the ravine we go ‘tis certain.

To freedoms lost and solitude regained
Our beards grew long still none the wiser;
Look past the smog to the shining east
Erase the smug, we're told
But hope is absinthe for the drunken
Magic dust for the cartoon maidens
For the rest of us nothing more
Yet we drink to it 'til we are worn
Go with the tide is to it all;
Sing Auld Lang Syne with gin and wine
The next days as wet as an infant's cry
To which we tread with defeated sighs.

Yes, I remember it well
Boarding the train heading north
Cypress waving or were they dancing
Showing off their fancy leaves that
For hundreds of years have been
Immortalized by colors and quills
The sun grazing my face
Through glass stained in dust and rain;
I wished it to go on and on
A journey to nowhere and somewhere
Keep looking sideways and forward
Drinking, chewing the panorama
With suspended excitement, the thrill
Of the destination,
Let it not reach the station
So the dream doesn’t end.

Grisel Garcia

“When your life is so, so dreary, dream.” -WPC

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